What Customers Think

Here is what our customers are saying about using the GloveFlex process to break in a glove.

Dear GloveFlex,

The worst part about getting a new glove is breaking it in. It can take weeks to months to get it how you want it. Unless you get it steamed. Getting a glove steamed decreases it’s stiffness and helps an athlete break their new glove in. I’ve done it both ways and trying to break in a glove that hasn’t been steamed just isn’t worth the effort.

Shaylon Robb
Pitcher – Eastern Kentucky University
Richmond, KY

Dear GloveFlex,

GloveFlex is truly an amazing product! I bought my son a new glove and took it straight to Jiffy Steamer to have this process done. I picked it up the next day and was stunned! The glove was completely broken in, my son played with it the same night and did a fabulous job with it. I highly recommend the GloveFlex process for anyone serious about baseball!

Josh Vincent
Martin, TN

Dear GloveFlex,

I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate your staff taking care of my son’s mitt. When we purchased the catcher’s mitt, we never realized breaking it in would be so difficult. But that’s where your group took all the worry out of our hands. You saved us time, and we are truly thankful for that. You also provided us more time on the field with our glove and this is what we enjoy most.

Thanks again!

Skip Tilghman
Union City, TN