Steam Fit  
Technology For Your Glove

Why should you steam your glove?

Allow us to steam your glove and it will shorten the break in period. It has been noted in the industry that infielder gloves usually require approximately 1,500 pitches to break in and catcher mitts approximately 2,500 pitches.

We all know during a traditional break in period, balls spin out of new gloves or the player fails to properly close on a caught ball. The GloveFlex® process allows the glove to become softer and easier to close on the ball. We think we can assist in reducing errors!

With decades of “steaming” experience dating back to 1940, Jiffy Steamer is the preferred choice of steaming solutions throughout multiple industries.

Instead of waiting months for your glove to become usable, you can enjoy the feel and performance of a newly broken-in glove within days. The glove steaming process naturally shortens the glove’s break in time, develops the pocket and makes the glove easier to close.

Custom steam fit technology for your glove … GloveFlex.