The Process

An average fielder’s glove requires approximately 1,500 pitches to be considered broken in and a catcher’s mitt needs around 2,500. For $25 to $35, the number of hours shaping and forming your glove will be drastically reduced using our GloveFlex process. Your glove will be returned to you softer, more flexible and ready to play ball.

Since 1940, our company has been focused on the generation of steam. We have applied this knowledge to the glove industry and created a proprietary process that enables the glove leather to more readily receive the conditioning process leading to a faster break in period.

Trust your glove to the specialists at GloveFlex to get your glove game ready with our custom 5-step process.


1. Order online.

Fill out the GloveFlex order form and complete the checkout process.

2. Ship us your glove.

Ship your glove along with a baseball or softball to:
GloveFlex powered by Jiffy Steamer
4462 Ken-Tenn Highway
Union City, Tennessee 38261

You will be responsible for shipping costs.


3. GloveFlex process applied.

We apply the GloveFlex process to your glove. Please allow up to two business days to complete.

4. Receive your glove.

GloveFlex ships your glove back to you.

5. Play catch!

The best way to complete the break-in process for your glove is to use it.


Ready to experience a custom steam fit?